A few, fun tidbits.

  1. When I was in maybe second grade, a non-blood related cousin asked if the reason I was so “fat” was because I couldn’t “go out and get exercise?”
  2. Biodad after not seeing me in a few months, “Wow Bugger, your arms are getting bigger than mine!” I was 14 or so.
  3. Biodad’s friend, “Is the reason you’re so smart because you can’t go outside and play?” I, heart brokenly, agreed with him by shaking my head ‘yes’ while I lowered my 7 year-old face.
  4. A doctor I had to visit in the Bay to prove to Medicare I am still, in fact, disabled: “Are any other family members deformed like you?” I held my head high while I laughingly answered, “No, no other family members are deformed like me.”