La Lista

November 2021

Alisha with long black hair and Betty bangs, wearing glasses, hoop earrings, red lipstick, and a white lace shirt. Her crutches are behind her.

Is time linear? Today, can I be the cheerleader, supporter that I needed in my less experienced years, to nurture the child who still lives inside this body that is developing a permanent line across its forehead, accepting more joint pain, and trying to gray gracefully? I tell that more youthful being who exists inside of me the following

1. You and your body are and have always been perfect. Part of our economy is based on making you fragment every part of your being and its physical manifestations to believe you’re not right. Once you let that go, you’ll feel happy and full.

2. Stare back. Your body is a not to be consumed by ignorant eyes, but when they inevitably stare, catch their eyes, and look at them. Do not smile because that depletes your energy. Stare straight into their soul and educate them fiercely.

Embarrass them.

Make them be the ones to look away. And when they do, keep staring at them until your paths are completed. Turn your head forward and hold it high as you go on your way.

3. Your mom is not crazy. Generational, gendered, racialized trauma is real. You will understand her someday. You can help her heal by healing yourself. It’s pretty wild to be a trauma-informed magician.

4. You are not always right. Truths you hold today are not necessarily true, nor will they serve you, your relations, your community. Unlearning is key to expanding experiences.

5. I love you.